A guide to the perfect preist....

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A guide to the perfect preist.... Empty A guide to the perfect preist....

Post  Apocalpse on Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:32 am

Hey, im Apocalpse and im the highest EP in guardians. there are a few different ways to raise your EP to a pleasing standard.

Pure EP:
A pure ep is where your main stat is Int. i recommend every levelup, you put four points on this. then put the last point on whichever you need for armour and weapons. you should use light armour and mage weapons

Tank EP:
this is where you are more of a all round EP, you put your main stat as str, so you are better at fighting and have heavy armour. you should use axes or swords. but if oyu want a tank, i reccomend you go for a WF or WB.

when choosing a heal skill, go for whist heart spell, it heals the most ad has less charge time.
when getting a charged attack,Make sure Plume Quill is the main attack, it is more powerful.
Build your healin skill quite high as it comes in very handy at times Smile

that was the guide to the EP! hope this helped!

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