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Post  Myra on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:08 pm

Hi Im Myra, (real name Lisa) I am 28, married (1st anniversary this coming week) and live in Durham. I work in the car industry and work as a freelance colorist for comic books. I am young at heart but all you guys talking about college and school makes me feel my age lol Razz Razz

This is the third PW server I Played on. I came across PWI last October, and had a lvl 73 WF called Myrann. I was much the lurer lol. I played on the Fake Perfect world Server, and that got boring fast. I wanted the game play but not the busy and lag you got on PWI so I came here. and I love it Very Happy

I am always around for help, if you need a pet taming etc, im only a pm away Smile

Myra x


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